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Alka and Jonny

There are girls who dont like anal and then there are girls who have tried it. Every girl out here realizes that she in fact loves anal and Alka discovered it ages ago. She is now your regular anal-loving slut and in this scene you can see her getting her daily dose of asshole-stretching from her new best friend Jonny. Harris turns out to be quite an endowed young man with a meat spear between his legs and great affection for a pink teen asshole, just the kind Alka sports. As you can see, they decide to give it a go in the bath and Alka is really getting a bit more than she can handle this time, with that cock really obliterating her tight butt.

Duration: 23m:00s

Viewed: 52349

Tags: anal

Models: Alka, Jonny


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16 May, 2016 by herefords37011:

GREAT ] SEX the way it should be

28 April, 2011 by freeones:


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