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Filip, Iveta and Valerij

This naughty pigtailed teen went to visit her boyfriend but when she found that her boyfriend was gone and his roommate was hot she just couldn’t help herself and stripping naked she ended up fucking him instead! She hadn’t planned to fuck him but she was so worked up to feel her boyfriend’s cock deep in her slit that by the time she got there she wanted a cock, any cock, buried deep in her twat. When she saw her boyfriend’s roommate sitting there she stripped naked and he wasn’t far behind! Sliding his fingers in to her slit he could feel how wet she was for his cock and after tasting her pussy with his tongue he lifted her up on top of his throbbing cock!

Duration: 27m:30s

Viewed: 46652

Tags: group, anal

Models: Filip, Valerij, Iveta


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