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Nataly and Tommy

This brunette teen is always up for some fun and when her roommates boyfriend came over to their apartment when her roommate was out she just couldn’t keep her hands to herself. Telling him that they would be alone for at least half an hour before her roommate got home she ran her finger down the front of his pants. She didn’t have to say much more before he had her butt naked and thrown back on to her bed. At first he buried his face in to her pussy, licking her sweet juice but as he felt his cock start to throb he put her legs over his shoulders and drove his cock deep in to her slit. As he fucked her he couldn’t stop thinking about getting caught by his girlfriend but her pussy felt so good around his shaft that he just couldn’t stop himself because all he wanted was to fill her warm twat with his sticky cum!

Duration: 46m:14s

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Models: Nataly, Tommy


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02 July, 2011 by ChristianEibl:

Toll, wenn man die Zeit mit der Freundin so verbringen kann! Wenn man eine Freundin hat die gerne so etwas gerne hat, findet man selten, Schade eigentlich! :)

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