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  • Valdemar and Lapushka

    Valdemar and Lapushka

    Lapushka is becoming one of my favorite eighteen year old residents of Teenburg. It seems that this young stud has also taken a liking to her too. In the bathroom, things get very steamy. They have sex standing up, then with her bent over the counter. They make love like it’s their job and of course she leaves him completely satisfied.
    12344.5 20m:10s
  • Krasna and Valdemar

    Krasna and Valdemar

    After dinner, this teen couple completely forgot about heading out to go see a movie. Instead, these lovers decided to stay in and make their own movie. This movie you won’t be seeing in any theater, in fact the only place that you can see it is in Teenburg. There you can see these barely legal lovers staring in their own x-rated movie full of lots of hot teen sex.
    12344.5 23m:45s
  • Valdemar and Lapushka

    Valdemar and Lapushka

    Tonight, we have the always sexy Lapushka. She’s found someone to keep her warm tonight, but it looks like that’s just the beginning of the action. As they roll around the bed, things become hotter and hotter. Soon, they can’t resist it any longer and they’re having sex. They do two of her favorite positions - her on top, then doggy style with him fucking her until they’re both exhausted.
    12344.5 21m:44s
  • Tuta and Valdemar

    Tuta and Valdemar

    Tuta is quickly becoming one of my favorite residents of Teenburg. This blonde teen is wild in bed and even though she’s an amateur, she always does her best to put a show on for the video camera. Her she is action with one of her lovers, a stud that can’t get enough of her tight teen pussy and the way she works it. She’s all over him from the very start and doesn’t let go until they’re exhausted.
    12344.5 23m:44s
  • Izida and Valdemar

    Izida and Valdemar

    Malin and Valdemar are two teen lovers that are anxious to show their passion for each other. Tonight, the cameras from Teenburg find them under the covers, just starting to get naughty. But it’s not long before things start to get really hot, the covers are pushed off the bed and his hard cock is pushed deep inside of Malin’s pussy. She softly starts to moan as he thrusts into her.
    12344.5 26m:25s
  • Malin and Valdemar

    Malin and Valdemar

    Today we have two new residents from Teenburg, Malin and Valdemar are sharing one of their most intimate moments with us. They’re home alone and take their time on the bed. They take turns going down on each other making sure each other is more than ready for what comes next. That’s when he gently pushes into her, slowly making love to her, but it’s not long before he’s fucking her hard.
    12344.5 21m:02s
  • Krjemelik, Valdemar and Alice

    Krjemelik, Valdemar and Alice

    By now, I think everyone knows what a tongue piercing is for - it’s for a little extra pleasure when giving a blowjob. However, the action here doesn’t end with a blowjob. Alice gives oral pleasure to both Krjemelik and Valdemar, but it’s not long before they’re providing her with pleasure. These two teens are take turns fucking this blonde cutie and even take turns cuming on her.
    1233.55 18m:53s
  • Valdemar and Krjemelik with Alice

    Valdemar and Krjemelik with Alice

    Alice, is a cute looking blonde eighteen year old. She’s had sex a few times, but until now it’s been pretty tame. However, today she’s invited two of her guy friends over to make one of her sexual fantasies come true. She wants to have a threesome. She wants to be used by these two boys. She wants her pussy fucked hard, she wants her mouth stuffed with cock.
    12345 19m:43s
  • Valdemar and Krasna

    Valdemar and Krasna

    Valdemar invited Krasna over for some tea. He hoped that he would get to see her naked, but it must be his lucky night. Before the water for tea was even boiling, she was topless. Soon the forgot all about the tea and started to do what teens do when they’re all alone. He couldn’t get enough of her perky boobs, but what he really loved is when he pushed deep inside of her wet pussy.
    12344.5 28m:22s
  • Valdemar with Anjela and Lola

    Valdemar with Anjela and Lola

    Lola and Anjela are two teen friends that look innocent, but these two teens definitely have some naughty thoughts on their minds. These girls are looking forward to sharing Valdemar’s hard cock. They both want to fuck him. However, to make it even more interesting, these two teens have a kinky fantasy that involves being tied up. It makes for one very wild threesome.
    12345 33m:26s
  • Valdemar and Lola

    Valdemar and Lola

    Valdemar hasn’t even finished moving in yet, but this teen temptress named Lola is more than ready to welcome him to the neighborhood. Valdemar is a little overwhelmed, but there’s no way he’s going to tell this wild hottie to go away. Soon, they’re both naked on the couch. She lets him explore her tender body but what she’s really after is his very hard cock.
    12344.5 28m:37s