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  • Mancy and Jonny

    Mancy and Jonny

    This naughty teen and her boyfriend just moved in to their very first apartment together and the very first thing they did once they were unpacked is drop to the floor out of sheer exhaustion. Being that they are both real nymphos though the “rest” didn’t last too long and soon enough her boyfriend had stripped her completely naked and as she lay on the floor he sunk his fingers deep in to her pussy while he sucked her rock hard nipples. Unable to lay still for much longer she stood up and ordered him to sit on the chair and as he did as he was told she slid her pussy on top of his fat throbbing cock and rode him until his cock was ready to explode inside her twat!
    12344.5 32m:11s
  • Miloslava and Tomas

    Miloslava and Tomas

    This naughty brunette teen obsesses about cock; every second of every day all she can think about is where she can fuck her boyfriend next in fact it doesn’t even have to be her boyfriend! It was only last week when they were home alone that this babe dragged her boyfriend in to her brother’s bedroom and unbuttoned her shirt to flash her perky titties. All it took was a flash of her tits and her boyfriend’s cock was rock hard. Pushing her back on to the bed her boyfriend slid his throbbing cock between her legs and split her tight pussy in two. After bending down to lick her slit her boyfriend gets her on all fours on the floor and starts to fuck her doggy style until she can’t take it anymore and cums around his throbbing cock!
    12345 18m:39s
  • Mancy and Dan

    Mancy and Dan

    This naughty blonde teen babe and her boyfriend haven’t been dating long and they just can’t keep their hands off each other! Every morning for breakfast they feast on each other instead of cereal! As she hops up on to the kitchen counter he would get down on his knees and bury his face in her wet shaved pussy. Delving his tongue in to her pussy he got her slit nice and wet and then as she laid down on the countertop he slid his cock deep in to her tight pussy. As he fucks her on the countertop her perky teen tits bounce back and forth and she bites her lip to feel his dick pounding her so hard that she cums around his cock!
    12345 37m:00s
  • Lida and Nikola

    Lida and Nikola

    This gorgeous blonde teen is a real nympho, she just can’t keep her legs closed and when she invited one of her friends from school over to her place for a movie he had no idea what he was in for! The evening started off with just watching a movie but it wasn’t more than ten minutes in and this sexy babe had her tits out and her panties off and she was begging him to fuck her! Not being able to resist her tight sweet twat he sprang in to action and pushing her legs over her head he rammed his cock nice and deep in to her slippery slit! The harder he fucked her the harder she pushed back and he could feel her pink pussy tightening around his dick when she pushed him off and got on all fours begging him to fuck her from behind so that she could cum with her titties bouncing just like she liked!
    12345 22m:24s
  • Aneta


    This barely legal teen had gotten in trouble and her punishment was to scrub the kitchen by hand while everyone else enjoyed an evening out. It started with her cleaning and being good, however after everyone left, she started to get distracted. She had some naughty thoughts that she just couldn't shake and next thing you know, she's peeling off her clothes and climbing on to the table wearing only her panties. She was soon imaging what it would be like to have a lover on top of her, fucking her on the table and how much trouble she would get into for something like that.
    12344.5 9m:50s
  • Valerij and Iveta

    Valerij and Iveta

    This naughty brunette teen was so horny and she knew that if she flashed her tight teen body at her boyfriend he wouldn’t be able to keep his hands off her and she was absolutely right! As soon as he saw her he threw her to the floor to fuck her! First he buried his face in her shaved pussy. Her sweet juice was so warm on his tongue and the way she rode his face made him want to cum. When she begged to suck his cock he dropped his pants and slid his dick deep between her warm lips but he knew he wouldn’t be able to last long if she kept sucking so after just a few seconds he got behind her on the floor and slid his throbbing dick in to her wet pink pussy. Her warm tight snatch squeezed his cock until he just couldn’t take any more!
    12345 32m:06s
  • Olga and Sem

    Olga and Sem

    This naughty teen nympho has a boyfriend at home but she doesn’t seem to remember that fact when she goes on vacation and meets up with this pussy loving guy! Before she knows it she’s bent over naked with his cock in her! As she props her leg up on his shoulder she can’t believe how good it feels to have his thick cock pounding her so hard. As she leans up he grabs her from behind and slides his dick back in to her pussy from behind. There isn’t a single moment when she doesn’t have his throbbing cock buried deep inside her wet pink slit and as her pussy starts to tense up he fucks her just a little bit harder to feel her pussy squeezing his dick.
    12345 72m:02s
  • Judith


    This cute brunette teen is a real sex kitten and she thought it’d be a fun night in to do a little striptease for her boyfriend but just to be an extra tease she told him that he couldn’t touch her the whole time she was dancing! She started off dressed in a short frilly skirt and a tight shirt and as she danced she flipped her skirt up and flashed her juicy round ass. Slowly she slipped out of her tight top and her short frilly skirt until she stood there completely naked. Watching her boyfriend get hot and bothered she sucked her finger to tease him and just when she knew he was about to jump her bones she slid her finger deep in to her tight wet pussy.
    12344.5 12m:55s
  • Olga and Delphin

    Olga and Delphin

    This brunette teen nympho was taking a hot bath when her boyfriend walked in and found her. He just couldn’t keep his hands off her and it wasn’t long before they were fucking like rabbits right there in the bathtub! As he sat on the side of the tub she didn’t skip a beat and slid her tight wet pussy right on top of his already throbbing cock. Holding on to the bath rail she slammed her wet slit up and down on his hard dick. Standing up he bends her over and starts fucking her from behind, her perky teen tits bouncing back and forth and right before he came she got down on her knees and begged to get her tits covered with his hot sticky jizz!
    12345 40m:48s
  • Filip, Iveta and Valerij

    Filip, Iveta and Valerij

    This naughty pigtailed teen went to visit her boyfriend but when she found that her boyfriend was gone and his roommate was hot she just couldn’t help herself and stripping naked she ended up fucking him instead! She hadn’t planned to fuck him but she was so worked up to feel her boyfriend’s cock deep in her slit that by the time she got there she wanted a cock, any cock, buried deep in her twat. When she saw her boyfriend’s roommate sitting there she stripped naked and he wasn’t far behind! Sliding his fingers in to her slit he could feel how wet she was for his cock and after tasting her pussy with his tongue he lifted her up on top of his throbbing cock!
    12345 27m:30s
  • Filip and Iveta

    Filip and Iveta

    This nympho teen just hates to wear clothes, even when she’s cooking in the kitchen but yesterday morning she didn’t even get started on the cooking because her boyfriend couldn’t keep his face out of her tight wet snatch! Sneaking up behind her he lifted her up on to the counter and got on to his knees to slide his tongue in to her pussy. She couldn’t help but ride his face, that is until he suggested that she get down on all fours on the floor so that he could slide his fat dick deep in to her twat. Not wanting to miss out on a good fuck she jumped right down to the floor and begged him to fuck her harder, deeper and faster!
    12345 26m:33s
  • Filip, Valerij, Miroslav and Iveta

    Filip, Valerij, Miroslav and Iveta

    This naughty teen started off as an art project for her boyfriend and his friends when they covered her tits in whipped cream but she ended up as a cock topper for her boyfriend! Once her boyfriend saw her perky little tits covered in sticky whipped cream he couldn’t help but lean down and lick it all off making her nipples rock hard. Hard nipples was all it took to give him a boner and telling his friends to leave he stripped her naked and buried his face in her tight wet pussy! After tasting her slit and getting his knob polished he lifted her on to his dick and fucked her tight wet pussy until she came around his throbbing cock!
    12344.5 30m:05s
  • Karolina and Igor

    Karolina and Igor

    Everyone thinks that this brunette eighteen year old is so sweet and innocent, but behind closed doors she turns into a complete slut and finally there's proof of it! The camera is recording this time as she opens herself up to this lucky stud. They were going to get a snack from the kitchen, but it wasn't long before they got distracted. Soon clothes were coming off. Within a minute, she was sitting naked on the kitchen table with him pushing her legs apart. He pushed his cock deep inside of gave her the kind of hard fucking that made her moan loud.
    12344.5 27m:39s
  • Olga and Delphin

    Olga and Delphin

    This sexy brunette teen dropped in to have lunch with her boyfriend before heading back to work but when he brushed past her and his cock touched her ass all bets were off and the two started going at it right there in the kitchen! Stripping just as quickly as she could she got on top of the kitchen table on all fours and standing behind her, her boyfriend slid his fat dick deep in to her tight pussy. As she leaned back in to his cock she could feel him pounding her harder and harder. Sliding out of her pussy he turned her around and picked her up, balancing her on top of his cock, feeling her perky tits pressed against his chest.
    12344.5 31m:37s
  • Katarinka and Efrem

    Katarinka and Efrem

    This brunette teen always looks so sweet and innocent, but there's another side to her that most people don't ever get to see. However, there have been a few lucky studs that have made it behind closed doors and into her bedroom to see her naughty side. Tonight, this very lucky teen gets to experience it for himself. Tonight, she reveals all of her amazing body to him, but it doesn't stop there. It's not long before she's on her back, begging for him to fuck her. She gets fucked and along the way, we also get to see her showing off her cock sucking skills.
    12345 54m:20s
  • Lida and Max

    Lida and Max

    This blonde teen just turned eighteen years old and she's already addicted to sex. She's so addicted to sex that she needs cock sometimes as often as three or four times a day. Her boyfriend can barely keep up, but he's not complaining. Last night, they had sex twice before she would finally let him go to sleep. Now the next morning, he's supposed to be getting ready for class, but she has some other ideas. He was just about to jump into the shower when she came in. Before he even had a chance to say anything, she wrapped her mouth around his cock.
    12345 25m:54s
  • Iva and Karl

    Iva and Karl

    This bath went from sweet and innocent, with this teen cutie relaxing after a long day in the hot water. To a wild hardcore even when her boyfriend walked in and saw her. She looked amazing with the water glistening all over her body. It practically gave him an instant hard-on. Soon he was joining her in the bath tub and things really started to get hot and steamy.
    12345 20m:00s
  • Aleksandr and Ania

    Aleksandr and Ania

    Check out this teen babe getting her pussy penetrated. It starts with his fingers, warming her up. She's soaking wet by the time he slides his cock deep inside of her. She squirms in pleasure with each hard thrust. She loves feeling her tight pussy completely filled by a rock hard cock. There's nothing else on earth that satisfies her like that.
    12345 29m:26s
  • Karolina and Botik

    Karolina and Botik

    This sex crazed brunette teen has always been up for a good fuck but when she went to stay at her boyfriend’s house for the first time she had no idea that they would fuck so much. No matter how many times she felt his massive cock inside her tight pussy she just couldn’t get enough and despite doing it all night the first thing she wanted when she woke up was his dick in her twat! As soon as she muttered the words “fuck me” she was laying on her back taking his rod in her slit again but it was then that she suggested something kinky – she wanted him to choke her while he was fucking her! Pulling her shirt up around her neck he tugged it softly as he bent her over the dresser pounding his dick in to her pussy. They did it in just about every position until she just couldn’t take it anymore and she came all over his cock!
    12345 25m:30s
  • Miloslava and Miroslav

    Miloslava and Miroslav

    This kinky brunette teen just can’t get enough cock and when her parents aren’t home she invites over her boyfriend and they get hot and heavy in the living room! After she strips off and lets her boyfriend taste her sweet pink pussy she gets down to what she loves best! Instead of sitting on the couch she splits her tight wet pussy on his fat throbbing cock and after she gets pounded she begs to lick her pussy juice off his dick! This perky tittied babe sure knows how to keep her boyfriend happy and after sucking her juice off his cock she lets him fuck her tight twat again until he fills her with hot sticky cum!
    12345 27m:18s
  • Luka and Izida

    Luka and Izida

    Most people use the kitchen table to eat food. These horny teens found another use for it. Their hormones were out of control and they couldn't wait to get back to the bedroom. They ended up ripping off each others clothes right in the middle of the kitchen. Soon, she was spread out on the table with her pussy the center of this meal. He eats it first, then slides his hard cock deep into her teen cunt.
    12344.5 13m:02s
  • Katarinka and Greta

    Katarinka and Greta

    This might be one of the steamiest scenes that I've seen at Teenburg yet. These two teens decided to relax and cool down with a dip in the indoor pool. However, one of them had an idea to make it even more interesting, she decided to tell her friend that she wanted to do the swim naked. It started out innocent, but now it's getting really steamy. It starts with kissing, but soon the girls progress to licking. Neither of these teens have every done anything like this before, however I don't think that it'll be the last.
    12344.5 11m:37s
  • Nataly and Tommy

    Nataly and Tommy

    This hot teen and her boyfriend still can’t get enough of each other when it comes to fucking and every spare moment they have they find themselves in the bedroom completely naked in a sweaty heap! Yesterday though her boyfriend suggested that they try something new and being such a nympho she agreed to it before she even knew what it was! As he started off by sliding his cock deep in to her pussy he told her that he wanted to surprise her and after getting his cock covered in her wet pussy juice he bent her over on all fours and tried to squeeze his fat dick in to her tight puckered ass! It was a tight fit and she wasn’t sure she could take it all at first but as soon as the head of his cock was in her asshole she didn’t want him to pull out! The feel of his massive dick inside her ass was so good that she thought she would cum after the second thrust!
    12345 47m:35s
  • Lada and Dan

    Lada and Dan

    This cock crazed teen just can’t get enough ever since her and her boyfriend first had sex! Every single night she would go over to his apartment and get her tight twat fucked until she just couldn’t take it anymore. They always kept things hot and heavy and they tried just about every position in the book but this teen’s favorite position is when she lies on her side and he lifts her leg over his side to get his cock nice and deep in to her tight teeny pussy! No matter how they fuck though this perky tittied babe always finishes off by kneeling in front of him so that she can get a sticky cum shot all over her tits!
    12345 22m:37s
  • Miloslava and Miroslav

    Miloslava and Miroslav

    This cute hottie went over to her boyfriend’s house to help him get things straightened up after he moved in but when she spotted the garden sized tub in his bathroom she couldn’t help herself and she stripped off. Running the water she called downstairs to let her boyfriend know that she needed his help but when he showed up he found her sitting naked in a bath full of bubbles. Seeing her perky little titties he rushed to strip off and slipped in to the tub with her, his cock already raging for her sweet tight slit. As he got in the tub she reached up and slipped his dick in to her mouth, sucking him until he was ready to explode and when she pulled away he dived face first in to her dripping wet slit. Just one taste of her sweet pussy juice and he bent her over the side of the tub to drive his meat stick deep in to her twat.
    12345 20m:47s
  • Adriano and Alice

    Adriano and Alice

    This young stud went directly for her tender pussy. She was already wet before his tongue went to work. However with his talented tongue and fingers, he soon had her dripping wet and moaning loudly. He made her climax, then it was his turn. She gave him an incredible blowjob, then he slid his cock deep inside of her tender pussy.
    12345 22m:41s
  • Izida and Luka

    Izida and Luka

    These teens know how to spend a really hot afternoon. No one else is going to be home for hours, so they decided to take advantage of it. Soon their clothes are coming off and her tender body is revealed. However, that's not the only thing that is revealed. Soon her love of cock is revealed. She loves it in her mouth, she needs it deep inside of her tender pussy right now.
    12344.5 32m:54s
  • Judith and Matush

    Judith and Matush

    This brunette eighteen year old has the looks of an angel, but the mind of the devil. All that she can think about is sex. Tonight one of her guy friends came over to watch television with her. He was hoping that he might get to fool around with her on the couch, but that's just the beginning of tonight's fun. She's soon revealing all of her tender teen body to him, hoping to create an erection between his legs. One look at her perky tits and soft body makes him spring to life and this naughty teen knows exactly what to do with that hard shaft.
    12344.5 40m:57s
  • Max and Olga

    Max and Olga

    At first, it's a sweet love making experience. However, it soon turns into something much more intense. This teen cutie has never been fucked like this before. There's nothing sweet or romantic about this experience. He's fucking her with raw animalistic passion. He buries his cock inside of her with so much force that it makes her whole body shake.
    12344.5 32m:36s
  • Lida and Matush

    Lida and Matush

    This blonde teen just turned eighteen years old, but like so many other female residents of Teenburg, she's already turning into a complete nympho. Any chance that she gets, she likes to explore her sexuality any way that she can. Tonight starts with her just fooling around on the couch with her friend, but she wants to do a lot more than just fool around. She wants to feel his hard cock pushing inside of her. Nothing feels better than that to her. It sends pleasure through out her whole body, unlike anything else that she's ever felt.
    12344.5 41m:28s
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