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  • Regina and Fossum

    Regina and Fossum

    Regina and Fossum have been together for a year now and they are really aware of what gets the other one off big time. For example, Regina knows that Fossum loves it when she sucks his fat shaft, so she really gives one amazing blowjob to get things started. After she got that dick all nice and big, she gets on the bed, spreads her legs and welcomes that huge schlong inside her. She then gets on top and gives Fossum one wild ride, with her delicious ass sliding up and down, her pussy working that cock like never before. Fossum knows she loves it from behind, so he props her up on all fours and starts pounding that raw pussy hard and deep.
    12344.5 40m:21s
  • Regina and Fossum

    Regina and Fossum

    Be sure to check out this great hardcore scene as it features Regina, this gorgeous young girl with a body that hasnt got a single flaw and some sucking and fucking skills that put professional pornstars to shame. She is peeling off her black thong and she is then getting all naughty with her man Fossum. He works that tight gash of hers and then he buries his fat rod so deep inside her that she almost faints. He rams her from behind, pulverizing that cooch of hers so hard that the bed almost breaks from these two horny teens fucking like crazy.
    12345 34m:35s
  • Regina and Greg

    Regina and Greg

    Meet Regina. She is this natural honey with a face so beautiful you will fall in love with her and a body so perfect and sexy that you will want to do unimaginable stuff to her. However, she already has a boyfriend named Greg and you can see the two of them getting at it in this great scene. They are having fun in the bath and Regina is sucking that fat cock until it is nice and hard and ready to plow her pussy till it is ravaged completely. You can see it on her face that she is enjoying that cock up her tight and pink slit.
    12345 21m:43s
  • Alka and Cyril

    Alka and Cyril

    If you are a fan of anal fucking, and you most probably are, as every fan of porn is, then you will love this amazing scene with this fantastic blondie called Alka and her man Cyril. Alka is what you would call a slut. She knows that she is a beauty and she uses that beauty of hers to seduce guys into giving her what she wants. And in most cases it is some anal plowing. Well, it didnt take too much to convince Cyril to give it to her and he really delivers. He rams that huge dick of his so far up her ass that she almost changes her mind. Not that it would stop Ronald from demolishing her.
    12344.5 30m:44s
  • Marushek, Gavrushek, Volo and Lileika with Zdenka

    Marushek, Gavrushek, Volo and Lileika...

    Things are just starting to get interesting as these three lucky studs warm Lileika and Zdenka up with some very intense pleasures from their tongues. Of course, these two teen sluts are more than willing to return the favor, wrapping their soft lips around their hard cocks. TO BE CONTINUED!!!
    12345 24m:43s
  • Irenka and Garik

    Irenka and Garik

    Irenka was supposed to be house-sitting for her neighbors but when Garik showed up she couldn’t help but show him all the naughty things they could do together in the screened back porch! Irenka just couldn’t get enough of knowing that everything they were doing could be seen by anyone that walked by and the more she thought about it, the wetter her pussy got! As she felt Garik’s cock getting harder every time she kissed his neck she knew he would do anything to feel her pussy around his cock and she wanted nothing more than a good fuck right there on the porch! The very second that she felt that huge dick deep inside her she knew that she could cum any second.
    12345 32m:56s
  • Izabella and Kondrat

    Izabella and Kondrat

    This teen is barely legal, but this definitely isn't her first time sucking cock. It definitely isn't her first time getting fucked either. Soon, his rock hard cock goes from her mouth to her soaking wet pussy. He pushes slowly inside of her, afraid that he might hurt her with his extra large cock. However, even with her tight pussy, she loves every inch of his rock hard manhood.
    12344.5 24m:46s
  • Rosa


    Rosa is perpetually horny, it doesn’t matter where she is, if the mood strikes she has to run to the nearest bathroom to tease her pussy until she cums. Last week she happened to be in her favorite restaurant! Her pussy started to ache after she saw a cute guy across the room and running off to the bathroom she locked the door and undid her jeans. Slowly she slid her hand in to her panties and soon she just slid those panties right off so that she could get her fingers deep inside her dripping slit and tease her pussy like she was used to teasing it. She didn’t care who heard her found outside the bathroom, she just couldn’t resist playing with her tight hole!
    12345 9m:01s
  • Violla and Fossum

    Violla and Fossum

    Violla is one horny babe and it doesn’t take much to get her excited so when her neighbor showed up to help her install her new satellite dish she didn’t waste any time in getting his cock nice and hard so she could play with it! As his fat cock grew in his pants Violla sat back on the sofa and slipped out of her clothes, pulling her tiny panties aside to flash him her tight shaved pussy. Well the poor guy just couldn’t resist and with his dick already jumping out of his pants he sat down beside her to slide his fingers deep inside her tight wet slit! Soon Violla was just too horny and she started begging him to fuck her tight pussy and he wasn’t about to refuse!
    12344.5 22m:40s
  • Violla, Rosa, Laska, Kondrat and Jendon

    Violla, Rosa, Laska, Kondrat and Jendon

    Violla, Rosa, Laska, Kondrat and Jendon had decided to have a cookout together during the summer but it wasn’t long in to the cookout that the girls started teasing the guys cocks until they couldn’t take anymore! They all knew each other pretty well and as things started to get hot and heavy they couldn’t help but watch as they got each other off. Watching their friends sucking and fucking cock right there on the swing was enough to get everyones pussy wet and everyone’s cock hard and soon enough the cookout turned in to an all out fuck fest with fat cocks pounding tight wet pussies and tongues licking balls!
    12344.5 35m:34s
  • Sara and Filip

    Sara and Filip

    Sara had been working all day at the orchard and Kornel had volunteered to help her but towards the end of the day he started asking to be paid for his work. Sara didn’t have any money to offer him but she sure did have something else! When she suggested that Kornel take her dripping wet pussy as a form of payment he couldn’t believe his luck! Pushing her back in to a chair he lifted up her skirt and buried his face in her warm sweet snatch. The sweetness of her juicy dripped down his chin as he ran his tongue in circles around her throbbing clitoris. Soon Sara couldn’t help herself and she was riding that huge dick like she was a cowgirl, grinding it deeper in to her tight hole.
    12344.5 21m:57s
  • Violla, Rosa and Laska

    Violla, Rosa and Laska

    Violla, Rosa and Laska have always been the curious type of girls and one day when they had a sleep over they decided to explore their curiosities with each other starting off by watching each other masturbate! As the girls started off teasing their own pussies through their soft cotton panties soon they couldn’t resist leaning over and giving their neighbors slit a little stroke as well. Before they knew what was going on the girls were going crazy on each other, fingering each other’s delicious dripping slits and making out with each other as though they were in school again! It wasn’t long before the girls had pulled out their favorite toys to get in on the action as well and soon they were dildoing their way to ecstasy.
    12344.5 34m:17s
  • Sara and Filip

    Sara and Filip

    Sara was out in the orchard picking apples for the harvest and Kornel was supposed to be helping her but instead of helping he just seemed to be looking up her skirt at her panties every time she went up the ladder! Sara didn’t mind though because when she came down off that ladder Kornel had the biggest boner she’d ever seen and without even turning around to see who was watching she dropped to her knees and unzipped his pants. Taking Kornel’s fat dick in her mouth she slid her tongue around the head of his cock and watched as he threw his head back in ecstasy. Soon she found herself laying on their picnic blanket with his fat throbbing cock deep inside her tight wet pussy and she was the one moaning for more!
    12344.5 23m:49s
  • Anna and Sem

    Anna and Sem

    Anna was just getting ready for bed when Sem let himself in to her apartment, he didn’t know that she was home but when he walked upstairs and found her completely naked he couldn’t resist sneaking up on her from behind! Stripping as he walked up behind her Sem soon hard a rock solid cock and he grabbed her from behind while sliding his fat dick against her naked slit. Anna moaned as she pushed back against him, the idea of a total stranger taking her from behind made her slit so wet she could barely stand it! She slid back against him and his huge cock just popped right inside her delicious wet pussy! Soon she found herself being fucked in every position imaginable!
    12345 68m:22s
  • Flora and Jonny

    Flora and Jonny

    Flora had just slipped in to the tub when Jonny dropped by to drop off some assignments from the class she’d missed earlier that morning. When he found her naked in the tub though he was sure he could teach her what she’d missed in anatomy! He quickly slipped out of his clothes and stepped in to the warm water with his cock already throbbing for her tight teen body. Flora licked her lips as she watched Jonny’s big dick aching for her as it bounced in her face, she couldn’t refuse it! Sliding her lips around it she got Jonny’s cock nice and wet and then led him in to her private sauna where she lay back on the bench and spread her long teen legs to expose her tight wet pussy!
    12345 65m:27s
  • Flora and Jendon

    Flora and Jendon

    Flora had been procrastinating her anatomy project for so long that now it was the night before it was due and she didn’t have anything! She decided to drop in on a friend of hers to see if he could help with an anatomy lesson or two! When she arrived Jendon ushered her in to the apartment but as soon as he saw her tight teen body he just couldn’t keep his hands off her! Pushing her back on to the bed he slowly pulled down her pants and then buried his face deep in to her delicious wet pussy. The taste of her sweet teen slit made his cock ache for more and before he could stop himself he had her riding his fat throbbing dick like he’d never been ridden before! As he tight wet slit slid up and down his rock hard shaft he couldn’t stop staring at her perky teen tits bounding up and down!
    12344.5 56m:46s
  • Flora and Sem

    Flora and Sem

    Flora was just getting around to cleaning up her apartment when Sem dropped by to see how she was settling in. Flora was so happy to see him that she ended up giving him a welcome to the neighborhood gift! Stripping off she threw him back on to the bed and she tore off his clothes to get to his fat throbbing cock! She just couldn’t keep her hands off that big dick, in fact she couldn’t keep her mouth off it either! Her pussy got so wet the second she slid that dick between her lips and it wasn’t long before she was bending over to take his big dick deep in to her tight wet slit as well! It felt so good to get her tight hole pounded by a complete stranger that she just couldn’t stop until she came!
    12344.5 39m:29s
  • Judith


    This sexy pigtailed teen has sex on the brain, every day when she gets home from school she can’t help but strip off and tease her pussy until she cums around her long slender fingers. She starts off by sitting at her table in the living room and rubbing her wet pussy through her pink cotton panties and when her slit is nice and wet she peels off her tight t-shirt and drops her skirt to the floor. Turning around she teases her ass before she strips completely naked. The first touch of her fingers to her wet pussy always makes her hold her breath and as she teases her hard nipples she sinks her fingers deep in to her wet pink slit.
    12344.5 12m:02s
  • Katarinka and Kamil

    Katarinka and Kamil

    This naughty brunette nympho thinks about sex 24 hours a day, there isn’t one thing that she does when she isn’t thinking about getting her pussy filled with cock! She leans back against him and makes his meat stick in to her twat even deeper. When she begs him to flip her over and fuck her doggy style he can’t resist because he loves to see her titties bouncing while his cock pounds her slit and his balls slap against her bare skin.
    12344.5 42m:32s
  • Nataly and Tommy

    Nataly and Tommy

    This brunette teen is always up for some fun and when her roommates boyfriend came over to their apartment when her roommate was out she just couldn’t keep her hands to herself. Telling him that they would be alone for at least half an hour before her roommate got home she ran her finger down the front of his pants. She didn’t have to say much more before he had her butt naked and thrown back on to her bed. At first he buried his face in to her pussy, licking her sweet juice but as he felt his cock start to throb he put her legs over his shoulders and drove his cock deep in to her slit. As he fucked her he couldn’t stop thinking about getting caught by his girlfriend but her pussy felt so good around his shaft that he just couldn’t stop himself because all he wanted was to fill her warm twat with his sticky cum!
    12345 46m:14s
  • Katarinka and Dan

    Katarinka and Dan

    This mischievous blonde teen has always been a lover of cock and when she got her own place for the first time she just couldn’t wait to have her first over night visitor. As it turns out her first fuck buddy wasn’t an overnight visitor at all it was one of the guys that moved her in to her new apartment! After all the other moving men left she told him to wait behind because she had to ask him something. Once they were alone she pulled him in to her tiny bedroom and stripping naked she lay back on the bed. Seeing an opportunity to get his rocks off he quickly stripped and fell down on to the bed on top of her. Her warm thighs felt so good against his skin but as he brushed her shaved pussy with his cock he thought he was going to explode right then and there!
    12345 21m:47s
  • Karolina and Tomas

    Karolina and Tomas

    This hot blonde teen babe is one kinky slut in the bedroom but when she had to go over to the soccer star’s house to finish a project for class she turned in to a shy wallflower. As she sat on the couch he stood in front of her, his cock at eye level. Daringly she licked her lips as she looked at his dick and when he happened to see her he told her to quickly get stripped and he’d show her the real thing! She just couldn’t resist and stripping she sat back down on the couch and came face to face with his bare throbbing cock. She slipped it in to her mouth looking up at him as he grabbed the back of her head pushing his cock deeper down her throat. Wanting to feel her tight pussy he pushed her back on to the couch and spreading her warm thighs he eased his throbbing man meat in to her tight teen hole!
    12345 28m:22s
  • Gloria and Filip

    Gloria and Filip

    This slutty brunette teen was trying to get ready for work in the morning but her nympho boyfriend wasn’t about to let her get out of the front door without his fat cock in her pussy at least once! As she leaned over to shut off the alarm clock her boyfriend pulled down her panties in a second and slid his finger in to her pussy. She jumped and then as her pussy started to get wetter she spun around and pushing her boyfriend down she jumped on top of him and slid his cock in to her wet pussy. The two fought each other for top and bottom and finally her boyfriend won the top when he stretched her leg over his shoulder and slid his cock in to her wet pussy nice and deep.
    12345 44m:59s
  • Kristof and Lana

    Kristof and Lana

    This sex crazed teen had hired a trainer to come over to her apartment and help her learn a little self defense but in her typical sex crazed fashion by the time he arrived she was wearing only her bra! That little pink bra didn’t stay on for long either because as in to training as he was the personal trainer couldn’t overlook her tight body and her perfectly shaved pussy! Crouching down on the floor he ran his hand down her tight body, she arched her back as his hand moved down to her pussy and when he saw her begging for it the trainer picked her up and threw her down on to the couch. Laughing she took his hand and moved it down to her pussy again, begging for him to tease her until she came.
    12345 20m:00s
  • Laska


    There is nothing more relaxing than a nice warm bath for this sexy teen cutie. As she starts the hot water running she takes off her short skirt and stands there in her black thong panties and her tight shirt that hugs her perky tits closely. As the water gets deeper she steps in and feels it creeping up her legs and as she stands there her hands slowly creep up her shirt rubbing her rock hard nipples. As the warm water relaxes her tight muscles she unbuttons her shirt and sits on the side of the tub with her hand slipped down the front of her panties. Riding her fingers she is in absolute ecstasy and slipping out of her panties she sinks in to the warm water bath. The water lapping at her thighs she slides her fingers back in to her warm wet slit and throwing back her head she closes her eyes and teases herself until she cums.
    12344.5 10m:30s
  • Gloria and Tomas

    Gloria and Tomas

    This kinky teen and her boyfriend were watching TV together until she started to get horny and stripped off completely naked in front of him and lay across the coffee table begging him to fuck her tight pussy! He wasn’t about to miss out on her slit and stripping just as fast as he could he buried his cock in to her pussy, as they fucked the table began to creak and quickly they jumped on to the couch before the whole thing gave way! The faster he fucked her the louder she moaned and she couldn’t keep the noise down but the louder she moaned the hotter he got until he just couldn’t hold it anymore and he blew his load deep in to her pussy!
    12345 72m:52s
  • Miloslava


    This cute teen babe’s favorite color is orange and when her boyfriend bought her a care package filled with orange accessories she knew that she had to do something extra special for him. Setting up a video camera in her bedroom she slipped in to her orange cropped t-shirt, her black and orange striped knee socks, her orange panties and gloves and her orange slippers. As she set the camera rolling she lifted her short t-shirt up to flash her titties. She ran her fingers across her nipples and simultaneously ran her other hand across the front of her panties. She couldn’t wait to slide her hand inside her panties and feel her warm wet pussy around her fingers. Pulling her panties aside she zooms in the camera on her slit and starts to rub it slowly at first but as she gets wetter she rubs faster as she finger fucks herself.
    12344.5 10m:34s
  • Karolina and Botik

    Karolina and Botik

    This tight bodied teen babe loves cock like you wouldn’t believe and each and every time her boyfriend comes over to her apartment to help her with just about anything they always ended up fucking! Not afraid to try anything in the bedroom this kinky babe and her boyfriend have run through the list of exotic moves but when it comes down to it there is nothing they like more than a good hard fuck! Last week when she had him come over to change a fuse they wound up in the bedroom and she was riding his cock like it was a saddle but just like the tease she is she leapt off his cock as soon as he said he was about to cum! The poor guy couldn’t believe it and grabbing her he carried her over to a chair where he sat and lifted her on top of his throbbing cock to finish the job!
    12345 26m:38s
  • Miloslava


    This freaky brunette teen is so horny all the time that it’s a wonder that she ever makes it out of the house! Even when she sits down to get work done for her classes she can’t keep her dainty little fingers off her tight toned body! As she sits at her desk with her calculus in hand she gets distracted when her tits brush across the cold desktop and her nipples get hard. Sliding her fingers under her t-shirt she tweaks her hardening nipples between her fingers and the more she teases them the wetter her tight pussy gets. Peeling her shirt over her head she sits back down and slides her hand down to her tight cotton panties. As a damp spot starts to grow on her panties she pulls them down she slips one of her fingers deep in to her pink pussy!
    12345 14m:22s
  • Miloslava and Tomas

    Miloslava and Tomas

    This sexy teen babe’s boyfriend was supposed to be visiting her to help her study for her English exam but when he got to her place and unlocked the door he found her laying naked on the bed. Walking in to find her laying spread eagled on the bed wearing absolutely nothing he couldn’t help but dive face first in to her pussy. As he ran his tongue along her pussy lips he felt her riding his tongue and he slipped it inside her sweet juicy pussy. The wetter she got the harder his cock got and finally he couldn’t take it anymore and unzipped his pants to set his cock free. After giving his cock a suck his girlfriend got on to all fours and begged him to cram his thick rod in to her tight twat!
    12344.5 20m:59s
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