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  • Ashton and Lubava

    Ashton and Lubava

    This college chick Lubava just entered teenburg and was seduced by evil perverted Ashton. He took her to his dorm with fake reason helping with studies. Download the full video and enjoy his studies too!
    12345 28m:48s
  • Krjemelik, Viktoria

    Krjemelik, Viktoria

    Krjemelik and Viktoria were planning a nice, romantic bubble bath. But as you can see they got a little distracted before they even made it into the water and let practically the whole tub filled up with bubbles. The bubbles over flowed all over the room, but they didn’t care, these teen lovers were too busy enjoying each other too horny to even think about the bubbles.
    12344.5 22m:26s
  • Krjemelik and Lubava

    Krjemelik and Lubava

    Krjemelik and Lubava are supposed to be just room mates, however these two residents of Teenburg become a lot more than friends in this video. It’s not long before she leaves her own bed and jumps under the covers of his bed. Of course the covers don’t say on for long. As they roll around the bed making love, the covers are pushed right on to the floor.
    12344.5 11m:48s
  • Jonny and Lukava

    Jonny and Lukava

    Check out this steamy bathroom scene featuring a smoking hot blonde teen named Lukava and her young stud named Jonny. They make love all over the small bathroom, pounding her tight pussy as she begs for more and more. This is one scene you don't want to miss.
    12344.5 22m:39s
  • Walter and Lusienne

    Walter and Lusienne

    Take a look at the petite, tender body that belongs to Lusienee. This horny nubile is just eighteen years old, but already craves sex on a daily basis. She has a body that is perfect for making intense, passionate love all night long. She looks so innocent, but she's a bad girl.
    12345 20m:46s
  • Paul and Lukava

    Paul and Lukava

    Tonight, we're in the bedroom with Lukava and her new lover Paul. They're exploring each other bodies, but soon exploring each others sexuality and discovering their favorite positions. Lukava likes to be on the top, but loves to be fucked hard from behind when she's bent over.
    12344.5 20m:17s
  • Guga and Boyara

    Guga and Boyara

    She's only eighteen but Boyara already knows a thing or two about sex. Watch her make her man's cock hard with just her tongue and mouth. Then, he repays the favor by giving her the cock that she wants inside of tight, teen pussy.
    12344.5 28m:05s
  • Walter and Latinka

    Walter and Latinka

    Latinka loves to tease, but she'll always please her man too. It's not long before she's on her knees with her soft lips wrapped around her lover's rock hard cock. Of course, there's a lot more than just a blowjob in this video. Soon, she has her pussy penetrated and pounded.
    12344.5 25m:16s
  • Guga and Miroshinka

    Guga and Miroshinka

    Eighteen year old, Miroshinka looked so sweet and innocent, but here she is in action with her friend Guga again. It seems that she loves his long cock and how deep it penetrates her. It makes her moan in pleasure with each inch that goes inside of her tight and very wet pussy.
    12344.5 22m:32s
  • Walter and Lusienne

    Walter and Lusienne

    Even the small quarters in this cramped kitchen is enough for Walter and Lusienne. She couldn't wait until they got to the bedroom, she needed him right now. They have sex right on the kitchen table with her legs spread wide open and his cock going deep into her.
    12344.5 23m:07s
  • Guga and Boyara

    Guga and Boyara

    Tonight, join Boyara in her bedroom. She's brought along a friend and it's not long before these two are getting very naughty. She loves having her pussy pounded from behind, but I loved watching her riding his rock hard cock. She didn't stop until her man came.
    12344.5 21m:30s
  • Walter and Latinka

    Walter and Latinka

    Walter and Latinka are making a quiet evening a lot more interesting. They're rolling around on the bed, making out and clothes quickly start to come off. She has a tight, tender body with some perfect and perky boobs. And her stomach looks great with a coating of cum at the end.
    12344.5 20m:40s
  • Guga and Miroshinka

    Guga and Miroshinka

    This cute teen named Miroshinka is barely legal and she's already becoming a naughty nympho. Check out this Teenburg video of her in action with Guga. She can't get enough of his cock and will take in just about position that they can think of!
    12344.5 21m:08s
  • Luka and Radka

    Luka and Radka

    Luka and Radka are back for another exciting video at Teenburg. Watch as they do a lot more than fool around. She gives him a hot handjob, follows it up with a blowjob then she gets her pussy penetrated. They fuck all over this apartment before they finally end up on the mattress.
    122.545 19m:56s
  • Luka and Ognejka

    Luka and Ognejka

    Here's one very hot shower scene featuring two horny teens named Luka and Ognejka. These two can't seem to keep their hands off of each other and they sneak into the bathroom for one intense encounter. This girl doesn't hold anything back!
    12344.5 18m:50s
  • Oktawian and Ognejka

    Oktawian and Ognejka

    Ognejka has found a young stud named Botik to satisfy her tonight. This teen is not sweet, not innocent. She loves cock and when she gets a craving for sex you better watch out. Her she has the cock pounded deep into her tight pussy. She even wants a messy cumshot at the end.
    12344.5 23m:54s
  • Luka and Radka

    Luka and Radka

    Luka may have hit the jackpot with this naughty hottie named Radka. She's one wild babe in and out of bed. Check out the video of her and see her giving one hot blowjob, then getting her pussy pounded from behind. That's her favorite position with the cock going deep inside of her.
    12344.5 24m:18s
  • Kashei and Vasilisa

    Kashei and Vasilisa

    I love seeing a hot and blonde teen like Vasilisa in action. Here we see her with her lover, a very lucky young stud named Kashei. Right on the livingroom floor and even on the couch, we get to see them making love, the way that only eighteen year olds can have sex.
    1233.55 19m:59s
  • Bravek and Lukava

    Bravek and Lukava

    There’s one thing that Bravek and Lukava have on their minds tonight. I’m sure it won’t take you long to figure out what that is. These two teens are very horny and it’s not long before she slips out of her towel and on to his cock. Before it’s over these two lovers have had sex until they’re completely exhausted.
    12344.5 12m:23s
  • Pafnutiy and Lapushka

    Pafnutiy and Lapushka

    Lapushka’s favorite position is any position that involves her lover penetrating her from behind. In this video, we get to see Pafnutiy doing a lot more than just penetrating her tight pussy. Here we see her pussy pounded doggy style and later with her on top, riding his rock hard cock to their orgasms.
    12344.5 25m:15s
  • Vitko and Rusalka

    Vitko and Rusalka

    I have a brand new amateur teen sex video of Vitko and Rusalka to share with you today. This young couple is quickly becoming some of my favorite residents of Teenburg. It seems that she just can’t get enough of his long, manhood deep inside of her mouth and of course her teen pink.
    12344.5 23m:42s
  • Vitko and Rusalka

    Vitko and Rusalka

    Vitko and Rusalka are two sweet fresh teen lovers. Like most teens they’re full of lust and passion. Today, we get a glimpse into their bedroom. She looks sweet like a spring flower, but here she is acting like a dirty whore as she sucks his cock, then gets fucked by her lover.
    12344.5 22m:31s
  • Kashei and Vasilisa

    Kashei and Vasilisa

    Here’s a another exciting, steamy video featuring Vasilisa and Kashei. I can’t get enough of these horny teen lovers and it seems that the video camera loves them as much as me. Take more than a peek into their bedroom, as these passionate teens fuck their brains out!
    12345 21m:12s
  • Jane with Walter and Luka

    Jane with Walter and Luka

    All I say is wow! Jane took it to the next level of naughtiness with Walter and Luka in this video and they did it right in the kitchen, on top of the counter. It seems that one cock can’t satisfy her, so today she tries to cocks, to see if that will get the satisfaction that she wants.
    12345 24m:03s
  • Jane and Walter

    Jane and Walter

    Take a look at this sexy blonde teen named Jane. It looks like she’s having a really good time with Walter in today’s video at Teenburg. She gives his cock the royal treatment, riding hard, soft, or any way he wants until he can’t hold back anymore and explodes.
    12344.5 23m:14s
  • Jane and Luka

    Jane and Luka

    Jane looks so sweet, almost innocent here but you know that she’s one of the nympho residents of Teenburg. In this video, she’s with Luka and putting on a very x-rated show for the camera. This teen doesn’t hold anything back when it comes to getting the cock that she needs deep inside of her.
    1233.55 18m:56s
  • Mandel and Gryzelda

    Mandel and Gryzelda

    Gryzelda is just eighteen years old, but she's already had a lot of experience in the bedroom. She knows exactly what Mandel wants and how to satisfy him completely. She'll take his cock from any position or angle.
    12344.5 22m:11s
  • Luka and Oksana

    Luka and Oksana

    Oksana looks more like a girl that you’d run into at the mall or maybe even in the library but here she is with Luka in some very x-rated action. These teens turn this roll in the bed into a hardcore workout. When it’s all over they’re left breathless, exhausted and completely satisfied.
    12345 24m:43s
  • Walter and Kseniya

    Walter and Kseniya

    Kseniya is the type of girl that loves sex, getting naughty and doesn’t care who finds out. She’s the definition of a nympho and here we have the sultry looking teen in action. She has her pussy pounded by her lover and the best part is when he finishes, shooting his load all over her soft skin.
    12344.5 28m:57s
  • Ashton and Natalka

    Ashton and Natalka

    It’s the middle of the afternoon and these teens are supposed to be in College. But today, these 19 year olds have skipped class to do something a lot more interesting. Natalka would much rather spend the afternoon getting fucked by her boyfriend then spending it wasting away in a classroom.
    12344.5 34m:20s
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